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Life coaching Specialties


Specialties & Services

My special fields are, but not limited to :

Spiritual coaching

To gain clarity on your life purpose, and get in touch with your inner core essence of who you are, creating balance between being and doing. Demystifying spirituality, I offer you clear, easy to implement strategies that you can practice in every day life situations, instead of having to find space and time for additional practices.

Dating/Love life coaching

In order to open your heart and share your life with someone, after a long period of being single, it is important to teach your subconscious mind new habits that will serve this purpose. It takes some time and practice to replace old habits, and to create an extraordinary lasting relationship. The good news is that it is never too late to find a great connection, the sooner you start the process, the sooner you can share the joy of life with him/her.

Business/Career coaching

Find the job you love, create the business that is successful and aligned with your purpose, be clear on your goals and set up a system to achieve them consistently. Become confident, motivated, empowered, with an entrepreneurial mindset, while remaining authentic. Learn to combine spirituality with a business mindset, so they are not in conflict but complement one another. Be the creator of your reality and enjoy the process each day.

Lifestyle makeover

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start, which area of your life to focus on the most, what is the right exercise, and diet plan for you. Maybe you started to follow a new regime only to find yourself falling back into the old routine a few weeks later. This special Lifestyle Makeover programme is designed in order for you to achieve optimum health and well-being on a physical and emotional level, it is a personalized holistic approach, that will provide you everything you need from exercise plan to nutrition based on your needs and even covers your wardrobe makeover and styling advice in order to feel the part, look the part and re-brand yourself.  Not only will you have an amazing plan to follow, and be assured that it is the right one for you, will also be supported in the transition period to ensure you keep feeling motivated until the new habits become your routine. You save energy, time, and money on the long run, become energized and healthy so that you can focus on the business, career, project, and people that are really important to you, and enjoy life fully. So if you have been told by your doctor that you need to change your lifestyle in order to restore your health and prevent future issues, or you have decided that you want to start living a healthy and fulfilled life, we got you covered.

Book your one way ticket to a new successful and healthy lifestyle, and never look back.

You are still unsure ...

Do not worry if you are still unsure which coaching programme is best for you, and what is the desired transformation you are after,  get in touch with me today to book a free consultation to find out how I can best support you on your journey. Coaching is focused on the positive transformation of life perception, goal setting and achievement through taking action while setting yourself up for success with great strategies, tools, and the power of my coaching.

Take a moment and consider the value of creating the lifestyle that you love and feel excited about each day, it truly is priceless, the best investment you will ever make because reading self help books and attending seminars are great but they will not provide you with the  personalized approach, and accountability only a coach can. This is why more and more people hire a coach it is not a luxury and privilege of the rich and famous or olympic athletes anymore, it is available to you now.